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Information on Juliette balconies

A juliet balcony is perfect way to add more light to your room. It is in fact a simulated metal balcony rather than a fully fledged one and is usually found in urban or costal areas to take advantage of fantastic views. Originating from Europe, the design is basically a very shallow balcony (sometimes only inches deep) with balustrades, allowing you to replace a conventional window with patio doors.

The benefit of this is that the additional glass from the installation of doors allows for much more light and airflow to pass through and gives a chic or opulent feel to a possibly mundane existing window or lounge area.

The balustrade itself is usually made from open metalwork however it can be constructed of wrought iron, steel, chrome, wood and glass – in fact many different materials - and can be child-safe, providing the spindles are close enough together.


  Shot of Juliet Balcony Photo of some Juliette Balconies